Manager - Network & Network Security

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Manager - Network & Network Security

Key Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining and support of entire WAN and LAN network segment
  • Implement and manage Network Security (IDS/IPS, WAF, SSL Encrytion, DDoS, perimeter AV, etc) solutions for the organization
  • Be part of the overall Group Network Team and help implement all routine activities, as well as projects.
  • Ensure Network and it security is as per policies and SoPs of the group.
  • Be part of the network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing exercises and ensure security posture is maintained as per group policy
  • Liaising with vendors for network devices, firewalls, network circuits etc.
  • Owning and managing the SLAs of various aspects of the network
  • Working well with the IT Infrastructure team as well as the Business Technology Team.
Job Requirements Qualifications & Certification:
  • Graduation Preference for BE/BTech/MCA,
  • Certification CCNA/CCNP
  • VA/PT of network, Network Security, Firewall, IPS Incident detection, response and remediation w.r.t network
Technical & Functional Competencies: Network & Network Security:
  • Knowledge and experience of managing enterprise level network and network security solutions.
  • Design, configure, implement and maintain all Cisco Series of Routers & Switches (L2 & L3).
  • Commissioning & maintenance of WAN links- ILL, MPLS or leased line
  • Strong knowledge of routing, switching, security and policy through ACL, network architecture planning, and preparation of IP address scheme.
  • Network traffic analysis, monitoring of network reachability of different sites through NMS
  • Having knowledge in WLC (Wireless LAN Controller), AP (Access Point), Wi-Fi router, NAC Device
  • Preferred to have knowledge and hands-on experience on SD-WAN technology through Versa/ Fortigate/ Cisco.
  • Design, configure, implement and maintain all security platforms and their associated devices, e.g. Cisco ASA, FTD, NG-IPS, etc.
  • Design, review and ongoing assessment of firewall, intrusion detection/intrusion prevention, Site-to-Site IPSec VPN, SSLVPN, Web-Security Policy creation, etc.
  • Implementation of network security best practices (ISO-27001) and monitoring of vulnerability assessment through different tools.
  • Coordinate and monitor log analysis for application and its security with SOC team, also to ensure end-user policy and security requirements are met.
Network Services Video & Voice:
  • Ensure seamless VC through on premises/ cloud based MCU, e.g. Zoom/ LifeSize/ Blue Jeans Cloud through VC devices/ laptop/ mobile apps.
  • Conversant with VG Router, EPABX and Centralised Call Manager for Voice routing
Application & Other Support:
  • Ensure smooth operation of Cloud based applications hosted in AWS/ Microsoft Azure
  • Secure authentication through AD/ LDAP/ Radius or MFA based Single Sign-on
  • Security auditing based on ISO-27001 compliance and its regular activities.
  • Liaison with managed service vendors to ensure seamless application access round the clock.
Behavioral Competencies:
  • Good Communication; Good Presentation skills; Time Management skills
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